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Kindergarten Registration


How can families get answers to specific questions about Kindergarten?

Principals will be available to answer any additional questions via email.

Video of the Road to Kindergarten Presentation

Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022

Children who will be 5 years of age as of September 1st of the school year in which they wish to enroll, will be eligible for Kindergarten

Please complete the Initial Registration Form. This form begins the process of Kindergarten registration. It provides essential information to the district regarding the students primary parent/guardian contact information and siblings. This can be completed now. Please see the links below.

Please use the links below to print the documentation that must be submitted. The parent checklist provide the list of everything needed to register a student.

Parents must submit their child’s original birth certificate, health records, proof of residency (if home owner→bring tax bill, if renting→bring rental agreement & Residency Statement), original/complete custodial documents (if applicable), and all forms listed on the district website for registration.   

FORMS to print and submit:

Complete Packet of ALL necessary forms

Individual links of all forms:

What are the steps to fully register my child for Kindergarten?

  1. Complete the Initial On-line Registration form found on the District website’s Registration page. SEE LINK above.
  2. Gather all the necessary forms and documents that are required for K registration. Please see the parent/guardian checklist link below.
  3. At the appointment, parents/guardians will meet with building Administrative Assistants and the School Nurse to review and confirm all documentation is complete. 
  4. After all the required paperwork has been submitted, the primary parent/guardian will receive an email for the final Registration link. Please complete the final online form. Once the final online Kindergarten registration is completed, the Kindergarten registration process is complete. The final registration link can only be sent once all of the required documents are submitted.


Registration Dates by appointments

  • Please call the school your child will be attending to arrange a registration appointment.

If you have any questions about the KINDERGARTEN registration process the administrative assistant can answer your questions.

Mile Tree: Kathy Kogut     596-6921
Green Meadows: Carol Diotalevi  566-3263

Screening Dates by appointments
  • Mile Tree: Tuesday, May 25; and Thursday, May 27
  • Green Meadows: Thursday, May 20

Kindergarten Screening appointments will be available in the beginning of May. Screening will take approximately 30 minutes. A parent or guardian will accompany their child to the screening appointment. The child will meet with school professionals for individual screening assessments.

Integrated Early Childhood Program Preschool Registration 21-22

Information and documents regarding the Integrated Early Childhood Program

2021-2022 Integrated Early Childhood Program Application


When you have been officially notified that you child has been accepted into the HWRSD Early Childhood program, complete the Initial Registration Form link below. This form begins the process of district registration which is separate from the Early Childhood Application Process. Please select the link appropriate for your child's placement location for the Early Childhood Program below.

Application Process for Peer Partners: 

Application deadline: January 31, 2021 Please return the completed application to Student Services. 

Screening by Appointments: March 2021

Lottery Completed by March 26, 2021

Lottery Notification: On or before April 9, 2021 Notification to parents of program placement or waiting list. 

Non-refundable deposit of $300.00 due to secure placement. 

Integrated Early Childhood Program
Information and documents regarding the Integrated Early Childhood Program

New Student Registration for families moving to the Hampden-Wilbraham School District during the school year. Grades K-12 

Please complete the indicated forms and return them to the District Office at 621 Main St in Wilbraham to register your child.

Stony Hill, Soule Road, Wilbraham Middle, Minnechaug Registration

Information and Documents to register a student at these schools

Mile Tree Registration School Year 20-21
Information and Documents to register a student at Mile Tree Elementary
Green Meadows Registration School Year 20-21
Information and Documents to register a child for Green Meadows School