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Elementary Standards Based Report Cards

In the Hampden Wilbraham Regional School District we value our partnership with families in supporting all aspects of your child’s education and growth. HWRSD has created the Standards Based Report Card as a tool to support two-way communication between you and your child's teacher regarding your child’s progress towards mastery of standards. 

The report card is just one of many opportunities for communicating about a student’s progress. The report card in conjunction with conferences, quick check ins, information sent home as well as talking with students allows both schools and families to partner together in the success for all of our students. 

We encourage home-school communication with teachers reaching out to families and families checking in on their child's progress with the teacher.

The purpose of this report card is to clearly communicate to parents/guardians and students about the achievement of specific learning standards and student work habits.  It identifies students’ levels of progress with regard to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks standards, areas of strength, and areas for growth.


Learning standards are established by grade level and are an indication of what a student should know and be able to do at the end of that school year.  

The academic areas will feature proficiency levels of 

M, P, B, or N.


M= Mastery indicates that a student demonstrates understanding of the knowledge and skills of the standard consistently and independently with learning materials that are at grade level.  For example, independently asking and answering questions in a fictional text that is appropriate for the end of grade 2. 


P= Progressing indicates that a student is on track to master the skill by the end of the year and is performing at a level appropriate for that time of the school year. They will continue to practice this learning and expand their understanding over the school year.  Most students will be progressing in their understanding of standards in the first few terms. 


B= Beginning to Progress indicates that a student is approaching the expected track for development of the knowledge and skills of that standard; additional supports and time to build that understanding is needed. 


N= Not Yet Demonstrating Progress indicates that the student has not shown evidence of understanding of the knowledge and skills; significant supports are needed to help the student make progress towards mastery.


Preschool Report Card
Kindergarten Report Card
Grade 1 Report Card
Grade 2 Report Card
Grade 3 Report Card
Grade 4 Report Card
Grade 5 Report Card